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Unholy Alliance, Putin and The Christian Right

Vladimir Putin 
In this writer's mind, there is no greater example of old-school Cold War  KGB than current Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Most Americans have a negative view of Russia and Vladimir Putin. However, our research here in the House of Public Discourse has found among  the Christian Right, Zealots, Extremist, and the Tea Party his popularity is on the rise. There has been some mild reporting on this growing alliance but not much. I think it fair to inspect the motives here. What are these people up to? Where's their end game?  There needs to be an explanation. 

Unholy Alliance, Putin and The Christian Right

Over the last several years, there has been a strange shift in Putin's popularity with the American Right. They seem to love him now. Ole Joe McCarthy and the John Birch Society folks are turning over in their graves right about this second. Remember Mitt Romney called Russia our greatest geopolitical rival and was all so quick to point out Putin's illustrious KGB career. What's one " hell of a note," not from the American Left but the American Right.

Noted Right Wing Mouthpiece Pat Buchanan has gone as far to say Putin's got GOD on his side.

Buchanan has been loud with his praise of Putin's  anti-gay laws that most in Russia call propaganda laws. However, there is a larger tie in here. There's no question the American Right is going to praise the authoritarian, anti-equality, and Pro Christian policies of Putin. Dominionism!

Pat Buchanan is not a minority voice in the Republic Party. These people want to change the government to a Theocracy so bad it boggles the mind. This is important. These type alliances do matter because gone unchecked can influence policy for a few that oppresses the many. As we reported from Ramblin Rose, the President has beefed up his Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships with the understanding  this focus is both a national and global one.  There needs to be an active eye kept on this activity. [See Article]

Putin was correct to call the United States a “godless” country:

We published an article  Is American Really A Christian Nation. The empirical data clearly shows that America is indeed moving away from Christian Values. Don't let this so called Russian Orthodox Christian fool you. He is no different than the American Evangelicals. Cherry-Picks his faith with the best of them. 

Putin seems to have mastered the rhetoric of religiosity over the past several years, both for the purposes of internal Russian politics and on the international level. Internally, he has strengthened the relationship between the Russian State and the Russian Orthodox Church and brought the Church into his sphere in much the same way that the Czars, and even the Soviets, did during their time in power. He has cast the conflict with rebels in Chechnya and Dagestan as a battle against Islam itself, for example, and portrayed his support of the Assad regime in Syria as part of an effort to protect the Syrian Christian community.[See Source

Putin and the Dominionist goal is to place as many of their people in as many key government positions as possible. 

We are keeping an eye on this Unholy Alliance, Putin and the Christian Right. 

Christian Right Obsessed With Vladimir Putin

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