Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Hillary Question? Unite Democracts

Hillary Clinton
With the recent announcements by Ted Cruz and Rand Paul both Republican's that they were running for the highest office in the land, many felt Hillary Clinton would not be far behind. They were correct. There have been some to express joy. Some have expressed  dread and resignation and for many a sense of relief. The early reports we get from the House of Public Discourse is not one of indifference to Hillary. Most Democrats will have no problem voting for Hillary Clinton even if she's not their first choice. 

There Are Immediate Questions?

Why Is Hillary Clinton Declaring Now?

To begin with by law, she has to file within 15 days of starting campaign activity and renting a huge office space in Brooklyn, NY was the signature that started the clock. The second reason purely political. With the email scandal, the never ending Benghazi, and the sheer fact the Republican's hate the Clinton's they needed to have a campaign apparatus in place to handle the inevitable storm of adversarial questioning sure to come.

What will her campaign be about?

That is a big unanswered question at this stage of the race. But, we here in the House of Public Discourse have made known we expect  something done about income inequality. Do we want to know your positions on Foreign Policy? Yes! With the success of the Obama Administration in the economy and job creation we know there will be no  "Change Theme" maybe a " stay the course one." I think it fair that Hillary will handle the "Woman Question," differently this time around. Last Time, she avoided the question until her concession speech when she eluded to a " glass ceiling for women." Bottomline how Hillary Clinton handles and embraces the populism of the Democratic Party is the major stone upturned here. 

What has she learned since 2008? And does she really want to be president?

Honestly, in 2008 this writer believes Hillary did not take Barack Obama serious early on in the race, and she ended up paying for it. I don't see Hillary repeating that mistake twice. However, Hillary showed the fight in her and made it a race in 2008. There was also the rumors of  backbiting, clashing egos, and ugly behavior. It seems like Hillary Clinton has been running for president forever. Is her heart into this race. Or is it business as usual for Hillary?

How will Republicans attack her? 

I am WOMAN hear me roar. The GOP will cry about Hillary using the " woman card." I bet you see this "War on Woman" narrative subdue. The GOP can ill afford to piss the largest voting block in America off even more. I can hear a Koch ad running telling America how a Hillary presidency will just be some dynastic succession from husband to wife. They will sell us on how bad it is for our democracy. The problem the GOP has is that Rand Paul and expected Jeb Bush are in the race. Make no bones about it Hillary Clinton is one of the most knowledgeable people if not the most knowledgeable on Foreign Affairs. The Republicans will try to take this punitive strength and use it against her in only the GOP [fake scandal a day] can do. But, " where the rubber hits the road," with Hillary will be their never-ending questioning  of Hillary's honesty. 

Rand Paul is already preparing to attack her on honesty.[See Article]

There is no question Hillary has political savvy.  The Clinton's have been a political " thorn in the side," to the GOP for decades now. Let's just say there is no love lost. 
However, and this is serious business for Hillary Clinton this issue of honesty. This growing mistrust reaches across party lines and is one of our early indicators that people have questions and answers are in order. [See Article]

Are there any skeletons left in the closet?

Surely, there's nothing more left to learn about Clinton, right? After two terms in the White House as first lady, two Senate campaigns, a confirmation for secretary of state, and the aftermath, can anyone turn up more dirt? Is there a Chappaqua Project to echo the Arkansas Project? Democrats hope she's been fully vetted and those worries are put to bed, but the answer likely rests first with the ongoing investigation into the September 11, 2012, attacks in Benghazi, and on the management and donors of the Clinton Foundation.[See Source]

What role will Bill play?

There is no bigger public figure in the world today than  Bill Clinton. Some have said that goes for his ego as well. But, to have hubby around is in my view a plus. Yes, there may be some minuses but the former outweigh the latter. For example, a New York Times report suggested that former President Clinton would remain hidden in the background. President Clinton took issue with that report and the New York Times has taken the story down.[See Article]

Will she get a credible challenger? 

According to our source, The AtlanticMartin O'Malley is considering a run. Elizbeth Warren says, " NO I, M NOT RUNNING," Here in the House of Public Discourse we see a huge cry for Elizabeth Warren to run. We hear " Run Bernie Run."  Warren calls for a contested primary then proclaims she's not running. Our study shows Bernie Sanders  has  growing support and is looking to run. Here is a major question/debate being tossed about now. Is a contested primary a good thing or bad thing for Hillary and the Democratic Party?

Can she repair her relationship with the press?

Hillary has always kept the press at " arms-length." However, our source indicates a series of recent hires that have a history of getting along with the press. She[Hillary] and staffers have already provided a hobnob dinner last Thursday night.[See SourceBut, in fine Hillary Clinton fashion, has let slip they intend on pooled reporters for smaller events, this is a type example of what irks the Press and shows how Hillary keeps them at bay. 

Let The Money FLY 

Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential Campaign Announcement (OFFICIAL)

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