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Trans-Pacific Partnership The Obamatrade Trojan Horse

There is a wave of public discourse surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership[TPP] that cries for President Obama not to sell the American worker out to a handful of corporations. In reality more than just a handful. If approved would create a whole new set of rules regulating the economies of 13 countries or 40% of the world. These countries span four different continents bordering the Pacific Ocean. These rules cover everything from pharmaceuticals to Digital Copyright law. This deal has the potential to change the way you and I and the World interacts with the Global economy.  With a trade deal as large as the TPP and based on President Obama"s campaign pledge for transparency, you would think his administration would be keeping us up to date as much as possible. However, the exact opposite has been the reality. The United States has negotiated the TPP almost entirely in secret. About 600 private corporations[Corporate Lobby] has assisted in keeping this deal behind closed doors. Most what we know about the TPP come from leaked documents. These reports paint a gruesome picture of the American worker. [See Leaked Documents Here]

The Wikileaks document proves what many expert economists expected that the TPP wasn't a free trade deal, but a  Corporate Handout Disguised As A Trade Deal.

 This deal would allow foreign private corporations to sue countries over regulations those companies don't like.  It would allow them to expand the monopoly powers of  pharmaceutical patients. It[TPP] would also allow corporations the go ahead to start blocking websites for violating copy write law. In addition,  showed the Obama Administration on behalf of the United States has been pushing some of the TPP harshest intellectual property laws. To the point, the TPP would sacrifice national sovereignty, public health, and internet freedom. 

All this, in the name of helping corporate CEO's wallets stay fat and their shareholders happy. For this reason, the TPP is more dangerous than ordinary trade deals like NFTA. The TPP rewards companies that send jobs overseas and gut environmental regulations to keep big businesses in check. The TPP gives the corporation almost total control how you and I and the world interact with them. It totally restricts  how countries can fight back against these said corporations. 

Julian Assange
If instituted, the TPP[Intellectual Property] regime would trample over individual rights and free expression, as well as ride roughshod over the intellectual and creative commons. If you read, write, publish, think, listen, dance, sing or invent; if you farm or consume food; if you're ill or one day might be sick, the TPP has you in it's cross-hairs. [See Source

Let's put that statement into context. What Assange is saying here is that the TPP put the rights of profit-driven businesses over We The People and the rules and regulations WE The People have put in place to protect ourselves. What our research has found is that the Obama Administration doesn't want Congress to take a closer look at the deal and expects We The People just to take his word that this is a proper deal for our country. The president is trying to use his unique leverage to promote a legislative gimmick called " Fast-Tracking" which would keep Congress from making any amendments to the deal. Instead, this treaty would go right to the floor where it would have to only past a simple majority vote. 

Not So Fast Mr. President!

A growing number of bi-partisan lawmakers including people as far away from each other on the political spectrum as one can imagine have expressed opposition to this deal. They have pleaded with President Obama to hold out fast-tracking this legislation. As of the rendition of this article, they have failed in that plea. 

There Is A Deeper Story Here.

The Wikileaks reports were critical  cause in pulled back the cloak and veil of secrecy surrounding this trade deal. What has resulted to the present is a strong populist backlash and grassroots activist forming strong bi-partisan coalitions to fight this deal from ever becoming a reality. Once people got a peek at what TPP is all about anger ensued and the fact the negotiations have been done behind closed doors only heighten the will to bring this trade deal from the dark to the light. This agreement has been so secretive that even people working on it had to sign a classified non-disclosure contract. What is problematic in this writer's mind why would a president that ran with the idea of being the people's president want to keep this so quiet. This deal will put people out of jobs and does nothing to help the people who got him elected. 

Why Obamatrade?

President Obama
What the TPP all comes down to is the fact and we saw the same thing with President Clinton who was surrounded by the " Robert Ruben Types," and the " Wall Street Types," it's payback time for the corporate lobby money and to tow the Democratic hierarchy line. The mainstream media has ignored the fact and the Democrats as well that Obama came up much the same way. There is no stronger supporter of President Obama than the House of Public Discourse, but this political posturing by Obama is not the " change," he ran on in 2008 but, the continuation of the status -quo politics governed by influence peddling from the Corporate Lobby who has both political parties in their hip-pockets. 

If anyone thinks President Obama did not make promises to these factions while running for office is in Disneyland, and the TPP is payback for those promise made on the campaign trail plain and simple.  Politicians get all this money, and they don't give it out not wanting  special favors in return. So, the TPP constitutes payback time. What is discouraging Obama knew this was counter to the American worker and for that reason alone has tried his dead level  best to keep it entirely secret?  There is no other way to soft shell the facts President Obama has intentionally tried to keep the public and press from knowing the details of this trade deal. 

One of the most interesting aspects of the TPP trade agreement is that the United States is the one pushing the hardest for it. We can see the hand of Microsoft, Disney, and Sony just to name a few hands all in this trade deal. What has happened  Exxon, DuPont, Dow Chemicals, all the big companies have had a field day gaming the system and taking away sovereignty by way of NAFTA. The TPP is NAFTA on steroids. The TPP trumps NAFTA in that NAFTA can't contest sovereign law the TPP does. We have already seen oil companies sue people in Canada who disallows them to drill for oil on their land. [See Another Example] We are already seeing bought and paid for judges throwing We The People regulations to the side in favor of big oil companies. This activity is happening across the board in many industries. The TPP is a license for a complete takeover of what We The People hold dear the right for us to govern ourselves. What the TPP says  we don't have to honor OSHA, we are not going to accept regulations, we don't have to pay a minimum wage we are not going to allow Unions. 

When you take regulations away, and you allow corporations to get involved in interfering with sovereign regulations and laws it never works to the benefit of We The People. For all Democrats who proclaim that we tow the party line and just blindly accept this deal cause Obama says so this is the " Gotcha Moment."  President Obama knows this deal is a direct contradiction to the promise of "Change" It's the old " Washington 

Two-Step." Just like every politician no matter the party Obama is owned by Wall Street and the Corporate Lobby on this trade deal.  It is not easy  for this writer to report this I find no pleasure in doing so but the House of Public Discourse is a House dealing with facts, not hyperbole or hypothetical's.  The bigger  picture here is  a " tell of the tale," how influence peddling in our governance is an all out assault on the everyday American's liberty. 

In Closing, one of the real positives for We The People has been the Wikileaks report. It has slowed down the Fast-Track legislation on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and exposed the TPP for what it is an Obama Administration's " Trojan Horse."

TPP threatens good American jobs / Economy, Trade, Labor

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